Purchasing - FF & E and OS & E

Achatso embraces the very detailed process of FF&E and OS&E procurement. Starting with project planning, continuing with negotiated purchasing and concluding with timely delivery and installation with oversight. Achatsco Hospitality Services excels in all aspects and delivers solutions which are both cost effective and brand compliant.

Project Planning

Our planning process verifies that all items are within:

  • The scope of the approved budget
  • Adequately determined quantity
  • Design, technical and quality and performance standards

This process includes the following initiatives:

  • Review design presentation for budget, practicality and functionality and consult with Operations accordingly.
  • Forecast and establish preliminary project budgeting and cash flow analysis based upon the design brief, renderings and drawings. Anticipate and build-in the capability to demonstrate several budget building reiterations.
  • Collaborate with the design team in developing item specifications, potential qualified suppliers and offer budget-minded product alternatives for approval.
  • Ascertain that all items procured meet quality standards in terms of product descriptions, dimensions, components, textures, operational integrity and durability in compliance with applicable health & safety national and local codes.
  • Communicate with suppliers to ensure all samples and shop drawings are submitted for approval as required by the design specifications.
  • Assist general contractor to obtain cut sheets and identify installation requirements.
  • Prepare project installation schedule, coordinating with the construction team, warehouse and installers along with the hotel staff to determine pre-opening requirements.

The Purchasing Process

Once the project scope is approved and communicated, Achatsco Hospitality Services sets into motion the key steps to purchasing process.

  • Identification of potential sources.
  • Solicitation and summary evaluation of bids and proposals.
  • Sampling. Investigate and point out cost saving alternate options.
  • Preparation and execution of the purchase orders.
  • Compilation of the project installation manual.
  • Follow-up and expediting.
  • Receipt and inspection. Handle claims and disputes as necessary.
  • Clearing invoices and payment approval.
  • Progress reporting.
  • Maintenance of records.


As the purchasing process moves toward the proper and successful installation of all products purchased, Achatsco Hospitality Services plans and manages the logistics to ensure everyone involved is briefed and everything is ready at the right time.

  • Manage shipment logistics including carrier selection, freight scheduling, customs clearance and regulatory compliance.
  • Audit & reconciliation of receiving reports compared to orders.
  • Obtain critical dates from general contractor. Establish installation schedule and scope.
  • Award labor warehouse and installation contracts as needed. Prepare and issue installer rules of access and on site behavior guidelines.
  • Supervise preparation of inventory and deficiency lists and assist punch list rectification.
  • Assemble final documentation and manuals for turnover to Operations to include copies of orders, warranties, maintenance and care guidelines.

Focus and Understanding Your OS&E

When it comes to Operating Supplies and equipment, others may say "Tell us what you want and we'll buy it" or appear perplexed if the clients don't have the details at hand.

For Achatsco Hospitality Services it's no problem if clients

  • Don't know what they want but, know what won't work
  • Need samples and images in order to decide
  • Change their minds
  • Don't have product standards in writing or brand centralized
  • Don't know the quantity needed
  • Order and later want to return

Operating Supplies & Equipment is labor intensive, specialty oriented and certainly requires a detailed oriented approach. While others may avoid and delegate this component, Achatsco Hospitality Services excels, providing continuity for both major project roll-outs and day-to-day resupply. Drawing upon personal hotel operations background and experience, we can pull this process altogether with the client's representatives (i.e. kitchen and laundry architects, engineers, food & beverage managers, chefs, housekeeper, property engineer, front office, human resources, etc.), to determine the appropriate quantity par levels and budget. The results are compiled to establish the precise product requirements as per case packs and ordering guidelines.