Project Management

Achatsco Hospitality Services provides considerable experience and expertise, effectively working in tandem with Technical Services Project Directors to:

  • Manage and coordinate the execution of one or more special or on-going projects, including project planning, financial management and progress reporting.
  • Examine the architect or design renderings as available in order to prepare and justify the preliminary line item budget. Provide input in conjunction with the consultant's team. Research and forecast item costs and contingencies ahead of the design as needed. Budget reiterations are no problem for Achatsco Hospitality Services. Vigilant to budget details and responsibility allocations ("who does what" grid) in order to avoid duplications or omissions between FF&E and General Contractor.
  • Source suitable and functional products which deliver your brand's vision, maximizing the guest experience to enhance the asset's position. Achatsco Hospitality Services is responsive to Operators concerns to facilitate future maintenance and resupply.
  • Wholly organize and manage every aspect of the procurement function.
  • Develop and generate status reports. Achatsco Hospitality Services reports are always topped off with a concise Executive Summary of pertinent factors. Areas of concern are always noted to prioritize discussion and action recommendations.
  • Support owner's initiatives, policy and procedures in the field environment. Consistently maintain communication flow on issues.
  • Supervise the warehouse & installation process to ensure work is completed efficiently and properly. Promote positive communication, coordination and Achatsco Hospitality will pursue timely and accurate reporting documentation with the General Contractor. Follow up and assure absolute product quality relative to client needs and in conformance with functionality. Owners will appreciate having Achatsco Hospitality Services on their side.
  • Implement budget control by exercising invoice review responsibilities and thereby first-round payment approval. Achatsco Hospitality Services examines each invoice for accuracy and reconciles all discrepancies prior to owner submittal for payment. We act as a liaison between Owner and Supplier regarding payment inquiries.
  • Take the lead to resolve issues promptly as a point of contact with suppliers. Negotiate and assist with Contract matters.