Financial Services

Achatsco Hospitality Services excels in managing the complex and sensitive financial details for the life of the project, including verifying invoice quantity and pricing match orders, expediting payments, and maintaining a summary of each paid invoice:

  • Achatsco Hospitality Services implement budget control by exercising invoice review responsibilities and thereby first-round payment approval.
    • Achatsco Hospitality Services adapts and follows client's project accounting payables procedures.
    • We identify supplier discount opportunities when applicable.
    • Achatsco Hospitality Services promptly examines each invoice for accuracy and clears all discrepancies.
    • We verify receipt of merchandise in good condition.
    • We pursue and audit supporting documentation for freight and shipping charges.
    • We act as a liaison between Owner and Supplier regarding payment inquiries.
    • Achatsco is fully engaged in the financial process. We work out any problems before client is asked to pay.
  • Achatsco Hospitality Service maintains a current time status report to include all purchases as compared to the budget factoring in actual freight and tax expenses.
  • Achatsco Hospitality Services maintains a historical database of all purchases with capabilities to become a perpetual resource for Operations as to what was bought and supplier contacts for resupply later.